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Chico’s Tire & Auto Repair provides affordable options for our customers in Lake Worth, Florida and surrounding areas when it comes to their tire needs. Our quality used tires, many major dependable brands are in stock and ready to give you more miles. With a used tire purchase, we include a complimentary tire balancing service. Chico’s Tire & Auto Repair has additional tire services that we provide the Lake Worth, Florida community that include quality repairs for flats, seamless tire patches and other services like tire rotation to help you on route and safety.

Used Tire Shop

Chico’s Tire & Auto Repair used tires are visually inspected and tested for safety and durability. We only sell tires that pass our safety and durability standards, ensuring our Greater Lake Worth, Florida customers are safe. Tire replacements often happen at the most inconvenient time as the tire eventually or no longer safe for the road. Coming up with the budget for brand new tires can be hard to reach when these unexpected dilemmas occur. With our used tires, you can replace your useless tire with a quality used tire. We ensure it is in optimal condition for your travels and include a complimentary tire balancing service to make sure you are safe while driving.

Tire Balancing & Rotation

Additionally, Chico’s Tire & Auto Repair of Lake Worth, Florida offers tire balancing and rotation services to help your tires equal the wear, allowing your tires to last longer.

Tire Patch, Plug & Repair

If the tires experience flats, we will provide tire plugs and patches to extend the life of your damaged tire a little more.

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