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Holiday Driving Safety Tips in Delray Beach FL; Maintenance to Keep Engine Running & Car Reliable

During the holidays, the amount of cars on the road increases exponentially. With the added traffic comes more auto accidents. Unfortunately, there are several ways you can avoid auto accidents and car trouble during your holiday travels; it’s up to the drivers to take the steps needed to avoid this incidents. Chico’s Tire & Auto Repair is here to arm you with the information you need to ensure your holiday driving is safe so you can enjoy spending time with those you love.

Keep Your Car Reliable & Your Engine Running

The first step in ensuring you have safe travels this holiday season is a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Without a well running vehicle, you may find yourself stranded on the side of the road. All of your fluids should be checked to make sure you don’t need them filled or changed, and your tires also need to be checked for any signs of wear or damage. If this is something you don’t feel comfortable doing on your own, this should be done by professionals who have the proper training.

Don’t Drink & Drive

Not only do people enjoy being with those they love during the holidays, but there are usually plenty of holiday parties that are going on as well. If there is any drinking that is happening for you during the holidays, make sure you have a designated driver to get you home. With the added traffic that naturally comes with the holidays, you should never get behind the wheel of a car when under the influence.

Defensive Driving

Whenever you are driving, you should be aware of the other drivers around you and be prepared for the moves they may make on the road. With the added holiday traffic, you should be more defensive than ever. Follow the rules of the road, including the speed limit, to keep yourself safe.

Drowsy Driving Prevention

Drowsy driving is just as dangerous as driving under the influence. If you haven’t gotten good rest, put off traveling until you get some shut eye. There are many people that often get sleepy while they are behind the wheel. If you find yourself in this position often, don’t travel alone. Make sure you have a passenger that can take over for you when your eyes start to feel heavy.

Manage Distractions While Driving

While it can be tempting to see who is texting or calling you while you’re driving, it can also be a fatal decision. You should never look at your phone when you are trying to look at the road. Whoever is trying to get a hold of you can wait until you have reached your destination or have stopped for a break.

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Don’t head out on your holiday travels until you have had the professionals at Chico’s Tire & Auto Repair inspect your vehicle. We will make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape so you can enjoy your time away. Call us today!

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